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EVOS ITF 360 Tour

Located in Jakarta, the EVOS Integrated Facility is the first training facility created in Indonesia with the aim to provide our professional players the best conditions to practice & ultimately perform in the competition. The EVOS ITF can host a total of 30 gamers & 20 full-time staff to support the day-to-day activities for EVOS Esports.

EVOS Integrated Facility
One Belpark Mall
Jakarta, Indonesia


Training Rooms

In the ITF, EVOS has prepared tournament level simulated training rooms for the players to able to focus 100% on their training regime. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help the players review & breakdown their strategy in preparation of the tournament. We worked closely with each team to tailor-made the rooms to their specific needs to enable them to perform at the highest level.


The Cafetaria

The facility also houses a full-working kitchen with a fully filled snack bar for our players to indulge in. After selecting a snack to unwind, the players can either choose to sit by the bar or even relax in the public space where they can catch- up with the latest EVOS games playing live.


The Relaxation Lobby

After long-hours of practice, it’s important to also disconnect from the servers to get the best amount of rest & this is where the relaxation lobby comes in. Located at the heart of the whole facility, it allows players to connect to one another and blow off some steam before getting ready to start practicing again.


Meeting Rooms

The facility also has 2 meeting rooms which are fully soundproof for maximum privacy. This allows players & coaches to share their issues in a private manner & talk about potential problems which they have been facing within the team. The rooms can also be used to discuss strategy before the tournament and breakdown any final notes before the competition.


Stream Studio

The Integrated Facility also allow our players to connect to the fans directly with the ready-made stream studios. There are a total of 7 studios and each pod has all the necessity any streamer needs from microphone to cameras, we ensure our players are able to stream in the highest quality and can fully focus in delivering the best entertainment.


In-House Studio

The ITF is equipped with a full-fledged studio with capabilities to film the highest quality of content. While EVOS focuses to win in-game, we also try our best to serve the fans out-game with the best content planning. We understand the importance of creating the best content to allow the fans to always connect with the EVOS brand.



Not forgetting the people behind the scenes. The facility can also house over 30 full-time staff, including team managers, coaches, production staff & administrative staff, all aimed at supporting the players & serving the fans. While housing an open concept office, it ensures the highest level of collaboration & communication between the employees, pushing each other to be the best.